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Quality through Technology

Urecel QuickDry foam is manufactured using German "Hydro-Blast" reticulation and impregnation technologies, producing highly advanced foams that are specifically designed for performance outdoor cushions

Highly Advanced Foams

By using state of the art technology QuickDryFoam has a completely open cell, three dimensional structure of skeletal strands which gives Urecel QuickDry foam it's special properties. Urecel QuickDry foam is exceptionally porous and permeable which allows maximum water drainage and air circulation, thereby allowing the cushion to be used again soon after being wet or even saturated.

Urecel QuickDry foam uses UREGARD

In-built antimicrobial protection.
Urecel QuickDry foam uses UREGARD in-built anti-microbal protection. It will prohibit the growth of common moulds and fungus inside the outdoor cushions even when left outdoors for a long period of time.


Pore Size (ppi) 20 20 20
Density (Kg/m3) 24-30 25-31 28-33
25% IFD (Kgf) 8 +/-2 12 +/-2 20 +/-2
Comfort Factor 1.8-3.2 1.8-3.2 1.8-3.2
Tensile Strength (kg/cm3)       0.6 min 0.6 min 0.6 min
Elongaton at break 200% min     200% min        200% min
Tear Strength (kg/cm) 0.3 min 0.3 min 0.3 min

Standard ASTM D3574 


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