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What is a Performance Outdoor Cushion?

Simply a cushion that you can leave outdoors - snow, rain, hail or shine with the minimum of maintenance.

Urecel QuickDry is the core of a Performance Outdoor Cushion

Urecel QuickDry is reticulated foam. Unlike non-reticulated normal foam, reticulated foam has large, open pores which permit maximum water drainage and air circulation, allowing quick usage after being wet or even saturated.

Urecel QuickDry uses Uregard

In-built antimicrobial protection.
Urecel QuickDry uses UREGARD in-built anti-microbal protection. It will prohibit the growth of common moulds and fungus inside the outdoor cushions even when left outdoors for a long period of time.


Design and Comfort

Custom Made Urecel QuickDry cushions. Any Shape, and Design, for all Comfort levels. From seats to backs, bolsters to pillows, foam only to tetron wrapped to covered in your choice of fabric, we offer the complete outdoor custom made Urecel QuickDry products.

Marketing Support

We provide exclusive care instruction labels for Urecel QuickDry products and hangtags for outdoor cushions using Urecel QuickDry, to ensure your clients are getting the genuine product.

Outdoor Furniture

Urecel QuickDry inserted cushions offer the best of both long lasting wear and comfort combined with extremely quick drying properties. This is why Urecel QuickDry is the perfect solution for Outdoor furniture soft furnishing material. Urecel QuickDry inserted cushions can be shaped the same as conventional foam.

Hotels & Resorts

Now everyone can enjoy hygenic and dry comfort at all times without high maintenance.


Due to the enhancement of strength and durability for long term exposure to marine weather, it is the ideal solution for boats exterior and interior soft furnishing compared to any other material.

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