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I'm using water repellent fabrics, why should I use Urecel QuickDry foam?

Usually, even "water repellent" fabrics cannot prevent moisture and humidity penetrating the fabrics after a period of time. When moisture builds up inside conventional foam it becomes heavy and wet which can cause a nasty odour.

How is Urecel QuickDry foam different from "closed cell" foam?

Generally speaking, "closed cell (EVA)" foam is very hard and not comfortable for sitting on or leaning against. It is the opposite to Urecel QuickDry foam, which is "open cell". Consequently, moisture build up may occur between the EVA foam and fabric cover due to no air circulation.

What about using "waterproof" fabrics, like PVC material?

Even using PVC will not stop moisture penetrating through the sewing lines and zip. Some may not think of this as so serious, however, it is worse if the moisture cannot dry out once inside the cushion.

We offer 3 grades of Urecel QuickDry foam, which one should I use?

This will depend on the thickness of your cushions. The thicker your cushion is, we recommend you use soft. Please talk to our sales or technical advisors, we will achieve the level of comfort that you require for your furniture.

What are the densities of Urecel QuickDry foam?

We have three grades.
Soft: 27 Kg/m3 density, Comfort Factor 1.9
Medium: 28 Kg/m3 density, Comfort Factor 1.9
Firm: 32 Kg/m3 density, Comfort Factor 2.1

Can Urecel QuickDry foam be compressed?

Yes. We can vacuum pack your products. If the product, by necessity has to be joined, we suggest the parts be shipped separately and glued together at the destination. We can compress Urecel QuickDry foam 40 to 50%.

How can I get my "cut to size" cushions and do you make finished cushions?

Simply email, fax or phone us with your cushion dimensions, CAD drawing, or provide us with a template. We will respond and provide you with a quotation. And yes, we do make finished cushions. We will supply the fabric if required or you supply your fabric and we will cut, sew and supply you with the finished product. Or simply the Urecel QuickDry foam for you to have the finished cushions produced in house or elsewhere. Trade Only.

Do you make outdoor furniture?


No, we do not manufacture furniture. However, we can recommend furniture manufacturers that are using Urecel QuickDry foam. For retail sales look for the Urecel QuickDry foam standup flyers in store and check the cushions. If it's Urecel QuickDry foam it will have a label sewn inside the zip.

Look for this flyer in store and the label inside the zip of the cushion to ensure you are getting a genuine Urecel QuickDry cushion.

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