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for backs, arms, seats and scatter cushions

Fibre and Foam & Fibre Mixes

We manufacture a range of Tigerfil options to satisfy your requirements. From 100% Tigerfil polyester fibre for arms and backs and seats, foam and fibre mixes for backs and seats to QuickDryFill for indoor/outdoor applications. 

Tigerfil use example

TigerFil is a trade only product.

Loose Fibre TypeComposition
T-Type Fibre 100% Tigerfil 15 Denier
QuickDryFill 50%QDF/50%Tigerfil
Ergo Back (Foam/Fibre) 50%MFWhite/50%Tigerfil
Ergo Seat (Foam/Fibre) 50%MFGreen/50%Tigerfil


Bonded TigerFil

Heat bonded polyester for use as seat and back overlays. We use this extensively in the manufacture of seat and back cushions, it gives the seat and back body to create a great looking seat or back, and a plush soft initial feel. Bonded Tigerfil is also available by the roll for inhouse use.

Width & Weight  
150cm x 100gsm 50m roll
150cm x 135gsm 30m roll
150cm x 170gsm 25m roll
150cm x 240gsm 20m roll


We can offer other widths and weights, just ask and we will supply the bonded Tigerfil you require.


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