SoftSound Proudly NZ Made

quality noise reduction you can rely on

Superior Quality and Performance

Ideal for use in the marine industry, factories, pump houses and generator rooms. SoftSound will capture unwanted noise. You'll feel better for it.


Proven Performance
Noise Reduction Coefficient 0.90
User Friendly
No protective clothing required
Non irritant, allergy free
Non-toxic, safe to handle
Lightweight and flexible
Will not absorb moisture
Easy installation, self adhesive back
Foil face
Fire resistant, self extinguishing
Resistant to biological attack
Versatile usage
Performance guaranteed


Don't you just hate it when you can't hear yourself think?When you have a big grunty engine - or two, but wish they weren't so dam NOISY.
When you HEAR your mates coming - before you see them.
When its blowing like stink, you need the anchor down NOW,
- but the anchorman can't hear you.
When you have to YELL to make yourself heard.When you're anchored in a cool and quiet bay- until you fire up your engine- knowing that you've tarnished the tranquility of paradise

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Tranquility in mind

SoftSound was developed with tranquility in mind. Together with ensuring it is lightweight so you can install it with confidence, knowing it's proven performance, but not adding significant weight that you have to push through the water, costing fuel or speed when sailing. SoftSound is manufactured with a foil faced polyester sound absorption blanket, and a self adhesive sound barrier backing.

The sound absorption blanket is lightweight but high density (35kg/m, and 50mm or 25mm thick) acoustic/thermal insulation material manufactured from thermally bonded polyester with perforated foil (approx 10% free area) or acoustic non-perforated foil laminated to one side. The sound barrier foam is a flexible, lightweight but high density acoustic and thermal insulation material (25 kg/m 5mm closed cell foam with a self adhesive backing). The sound absorption blanket and sound barrier foam, laminated together, make up SoftSound, giving it two nominal thicknesses to choose from, 55mm and 30mm.The sound absorption blanket "traps" the sound inside the polyester fibres and the closed cell foam acts as a sound barrier and is an excellent reflector of sound. It is also resistant to biological atack (bacteria and fungal resistant), and reduces drumming and provides vibration dampening.

SoftSound Technical Data Sheet (PDF)


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