Chiro-Pil-O® Luxury Foam

Height Adjustable Pillow in Luxury Foam.
For Intelligent Sleep.

Eight Height Adjustments - Enough to suit everyone.

State of the art high resilient luxurious Luxury foam which puts your head and neck first.

Unique air channels allow air circulation beneath your head and neck.

Highly resilient foam height adjustment packers support the Luxury foam theraputic profile.

Full width, even sleeping surface eliminates hollows and humps.

Neck roll for extra support.

Washable cotton cover adds extra comfort.

Channels cut into the foam allow the pillow to breath and diffuses pressure for a healthier sleep.

Proudly NZ Made

There are two Chiro-pil-o's to choose from:

  • Medium - Luxury Foam (This one)
  • Soft - Ecstasy® "memory foam"

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Chiro-Pil-O® Luxury Foam

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